20 by name size 20 by nature

I’ve always been a bit on the large size. My love of chocolate is insatiable! I’ve been steadily been piling on the pounds through stress eating for the past few years, but recently I went from a bit overweight to largely (pun intended) resembling the pink elephants in Dumbo’s dream.

I’m not deluded I know this is greatly because of diet and lack of exercise. My diet isn’t too bad but I am fond of the not so occasional afternoon tea with my mother. But I know the medication I’m on is at least in part a cause of the problem. My question is how do you choose between your mental well being and your physical well being.

I just love it when doctors tell me to lose weight – note the not so subtle sarcasm. It feels more than slightly ironic that the people who are telling me to lose it are the ones giving me the pills that cause it. Don’t get me wrong I’m greatful for the medications but oh how I wish they’d develop a cure all tablet with no side effects at all.

So I guess for now I shall have to wobble away every day and figure out the most flattering angle for photographs. At least my Facebook friends are under the illusion I’m slightly more svelte than I am.

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