Heartburn heart attack

It’s not uncommon for me to be woken up in the night with a pain dream. For those who have never had one, in my experience, first the dream gets a bit stranger than I usual then I have some sort of accident or injury. The pain in the dream feels so real – often because it is. The pain is there when I wake up. Its very much like when you dream you need the toilet and when you wake up you have to make a mad dash to the bathroom.

Last night I dreamt of something being wrong with my chest. When I woke my chest felt tight and uncomfortable. It was not an unfamiliar pain, just one I don’t experience often. It was indigestion. Like a horse with colic I paced my bedroom to try and ease my discomfort. After trying and failing I did the worse thing I could possibly have done… I googled.

Google is an amazing tool but if you’re like me and have ever googled any of the symptoms of your chronic conditions – you were probably told you were going to die. Anything up to a paper cut can be diagnosed by Google as your imminent doom.

All I wanted was some kind of easy solution so I could get back to sleep. Instead I was told I may be having a heart attack. For once the worst possible outcome hadn’t already crossed my mind, after googling I started to mentally divide my belongings for my family after my sudden and untimely death.

As a self confessed worry wort I had to try and calm my now irrational thoughts. I tried to rationalize by rereading the article that assured me it probably wasn’t a heart attack. ‘Probably’ is never good enough for a worrier but it was all I was going to get. After a little more pacing, stretching and a few sips of water the pain started to ease and I was content enough to go back to sleep.

Thank you Google, you always know exactly what to say 😒

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