Hello, it’s me pain!

Pain free days are few and far between. I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time I was completely without pain. A small amount of pain is manageable and by now I’m used to it. What I find the worst is when pain decides to appear for no reason. Its as if it wants to remind me not to get too comfortable.

Unless your ears hurt, you can’t feel them. You never even notice they’re there until something is wrong. Sometimes pain shoots through my limbs, my once wonderfully ignorable limbs as if to remind me its still here.

“Hi body, it’s me, pain! Your old friend”- like a strange distant cousin at a wedding, no matter how much you avoid them it’s inevitable you’ll end up spending half an hour listening to stories about their 37 cats. Except with my good old buddy pain, its 37 different ways to hurt me. For non-sufferers this may sound extreme, for some of my fellow pain princesses and princes I’m sure it rings depressingly true.

Sometimes I think my pain has become a sentient force within me. It knows just when to strike, timing being it’s best quality.

“Going out for the night? – not anymore you’re not”

“I know how much you’ve been looking forward to seeing that show! Here’s an idea! Let’s make it super uncomfortable to sit and concentrate, and as another little gift, I’ll make it so you can’t sit still and feel really bad for the people you’re inconveniencing behind you.”

Pain thrives on sadness. Ruining plans is like it’s food and tears are it’s water.

They say there’s nothing like your own bed. Even being in a luxurious 5 star hotel doesn’t compare to the moment you are home and get to cwtch up in familiar surroundings. Pain loves its own bed. Where ever the host goes or whatever it does, pain increases until they give up and goes home to bed.

That moment that you slide into bed after a day of pain is indescribably wonderful. It’s often accompanied by a mental sigh of contentment by both myself and beast within…

But wait, what’s that?

“Hello, its me pain!” – I guess another restless night is on the cards again. 😒

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