Arts and crafts

The benefits of arts and crafts have been highlighted in the past few years. Colouring books used to be for children, but now colouring books for adults are everywhere. Pretty much where ever you shop there is some form of colouring targeted at adults. I’ve seen colour at home calendars, bedding, travel mugs and tote bags all advertised as an aid for stress.

I’ve never been too interested in colouring, even when I was little I would draw but leave the pictures black and white. Having read about all the benefits and positive testimonials I decided to give colouring another go. Although it isn’t something I would choose to do regularly, something about turning a bare and boring page into a colourful work of art is intensely satisfying. I found myself engrossed in the page. Concentrating on something other than my inner monologue was relaxing.

I’ve always been creative. My material of choice changing on a bimonthly basis. Whether it was sewing, collage, jewellery making or using clay I’ve tried it and loved it. The past few years have seen my interest in crafts dwindle. Although I did still attempt the odd project now and again I didn’t put the same hours into my craft as I once did.

I’m glad to say the past year has seen my love of crafts grow almost to the same amount as it once was. I’ve found great joy and tranquility by creating something. Seeing raw materials turn into something useful or beautiful gives me a sense of purpose.

A rainy day like today was the perfect opportunity to make something. I tend to only do short projects now as my ability to concentrate isn’t nearly as good as it used to be. I’ve started picking up little project packs. These range from simple sewing kits designed for children to the dream catcher I made today.

You don’t need to be creative in anyway to follow the instructions and make something from a kit. If the mere thought of a needle and thread shakes you to the core, I still implore you to give crafts ago. Pinterest and YouTube have some amazing ideas and step by step instructions to help the novice crafter.

What have you got to lose? If it turns out well that’s fantastic. If not, at least you’ll have a funny story to tell your friends.

I’d love to know what kinds of crafts you do in your spare time. Post in the comments šŸ˜€

My rainy day dream catcher project

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