The Princess and the Pea

What I have learnt from years of watching Disney films is that I must be royalty. My skin is as white as snow, I sleep all the time, and mice help me make my clothes…
Okay so maybe one of them is a fib…I don’t really sleep all the time.
My hair is long like Rapunzel and often plaited. It is fiery and curly like Merida. Like Tiana I love to cook and I “paint with all the colours of the wind”…well with the colours in my paint pallet, but you get the picture. If I were to cut myself I’m pretty sure my blood would be blue.
The fairytale that most resonates with me is the story of the Princess and the Pea. For those who aren’t familiar with this story (and if you’re not have a read it was one of my favourites as a child) here is a very simplified version.
A prince is looking for a princess to marry but cannot find someone suitable. One day a young lady arrives at the palace, she is wet from head to toe, she is dripping from her hair and clothes. She is bedraggled and disheveled but claims to be princess. The queen puts a plan into place to test her credibility. She places a pea on the bed then piles on mattresses. If she really is a princess she will feel the pea despite the mattresses. The next day, the queen ask how the girl slept. She described that she couldn’t sleep because of a lump in the bed, thus proving she is a princess.
The story is a bit far fetched I’ll admit but I can really relate to it. I will always feel the pea. I had a mattress that was supposed to be very comfortable. It had springs and then a thick memory foam layer. I could still feel the springs. So I added an additional memory foam topper. That didn’t work. I tried adding a quilt and an additional topper underneath the bed sheet but I could still feel the springs. Eventually I bought a pure memory foam mattress and I put it on top of the other mattress. Finally it was so comfortable I could rest and finally after years get a good night sleep. Everything was great…until it wasn’t. It didn’t take my body long to adjust and find ‘a pea.’ Ah fibro, you never cease to amaze me, I could be floating upon a cloud and I’d still be uncomfortable.
I like to think this is fibro telling me in some way, I’m in line to the throne otherwise it’s another cruel joke it’s playing. But don’t worry, being a true princess won’t change me, you will only have to refer to me as ‘her royal Highness’ or ‘your majesty’ on formal occasions and who can say fairer than that. 😉

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