I’ve been trying to balance days out with rest days , one day out and one day in. However I made the stupid mistake of having a day out Monday, then out for food with my boyfriend and a little shopping yesterday. I thought a short bus journey and a very short look in a couple of shops would be offset by a long rest for dinner yesterday. When will I learn to listen to my body? I was exhausted when I got home and still had to wrap my mum’s birthday presents and make her a card!

This morning I felt like I had been velcroed to my bed. My body was so exhausted I could barely move. Once getting up I was like a wooden puppet with my strings cut. I wobbled away to get ready with my joints flopping and giving way. I wobbled and waddled and flopped around and would have given up on a normal day. But it is my mum’s birthday and we had plans to hit the town…and by that I mean go and see Incredibles 2 (for the third time).

I’ve struggled to keep my body upright for most of the day. Even after waking up fully I’m still a bit floppy. Lots of caffeine and sugar have been on the menu whereas I normally try to avoid it. I even ended up dozing during the film, regularly waking with Jackjack’s giggles and gurgles. As much as I love the film there was very little I could do to stop the sleep.

Currently sat in the virgin lounge enjoying more caffeine in the form of a nice cup of tea and ready to continue our day….fingers crossed I can muster the energy to get off this sofa! 🤦🤞

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