Pill shaming

Millions of people around the world have to take some form of daily medication. Almost everyone in their life has, at some point taken doctor prescribed medications. From antibiotics to morphine drips or even a simple over the counter paracetamol, and that’s okay.

There’s hardly a week that goes by that I don’t face some sort of negative reaction to taking prescription drugs. It might be from someone who has said a change in diet will cure me for life. Or someone asking do I really need to take a full dose of co-codimol, or if I could manage with half. People tell me I shouldn’t be taking this, or shouldn’t take that. They tell me to stop accepting new prescriptions from the doctor. They tell me what I take is ‘enough, no more’ or its too much. You’re entitled to your opinion, I respect that, but it’s not really your business.

All the medications I take are legal and recommended to me by doctors or are herbal remedies such as Turmeric capsules. The decision to begin any medications have been carefully thought out and researched. So why do people with no knowledge of my condition, no medical qualifications and have never heard of the medications I take, think it’s okay to tell me to stop taking them?

Some people with chronic conditions can cope without medication and I think that’s wonderful for them. I’ve tried with and without and I am better with medication, and that’s okay too.

My health is my business, the only other person that should have a say is my doctor. Even then, in questions about my health I am the priority. I have a right to refuse treatments or say when something isn’t working, and the only person I need to explain myself to is my doctor.

We all have very different bodies. Our pain is unique to us. Each of us experience pain differently, even if we have the same condition. This means we all need a unique combination of treatments to combat our pain.

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