Mind and body

Mind and body are supposed to be harmonious. They should coexist and be balanced and equal… Well not if you have fibromyalgia. When my mind is working effectively my body isn’t and vice versa. On a good day, my thoughts are clear, I feel intelligent and eloquent. On a bad day I can just about manage grunts and ughs like a comedy depiction of a cave man. My brain goes on a little holiday leaving my verbal skills practically non existent. Luckily for me my mother speaks ‘Hannah’.

“Urguh huh!” – “Oh she wants a drink”

“Flugda brrrdm?” – “Yes, its Monday today.”

“Eeeeerrr! Eheh! Brrrup?”- “No, Great British Bake off isn’t on today.”

Aside from the verbal vomit, my fibro fog makes me incredibly forgetful. The phrase “I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached” doesn’t do the forgetfulness justice. I’d forget my head, my body and what planet I came from. Couple that with my weird word-like warblings and I would definitely be classified as an unearthly being.

On a good day however, I can join in eloquently with polite pleasantries….from my bed that is. Odds are if my brain is working my body isn’t. This to me is the most inconvenient of the two options. I hate being stuck horizontally and completely inactive. My mind is wearing the yellow jersey in the Tour de France, but my body closely resembles Homer Simpson on his famous couch.

When you live with such a diverse condition such as fibromyalgia mind and body can’t maintain equilibrium. At least not for the majority of the time. But those wonderous days where they work in harmony are glorious and for those days only, I feel like a real princess.

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