Am I losing my head? Or should that be mind? πŸ€”

My fellow fibro fighters, I’m sure like me you have experienced fibro fog. If you haven’t it’s very much like your brain has been turned into lumpy instant mash – thick and a bit rubbish. Things you take for granted like being able to complete a recipe you’ve know off by heart for years, or even spell your own name become ridiculously difficult if not impossible. After a rather embarrassing event where I got a loyalty card under the wrong spelling of my name and email address, I knew I wasn’t going to be winning mastermind anytime soon.

To me this is one of the more annoying symptoms. It doesn’t disrupt my day to day life too much (apart from seeming like I have the IQ of a newt.) Its not like pain which seems like a legitimate excuse to stay in bed. You can’t say sorry I’m having a duvet day today I’m a bit stupid. What people don’t seem to realise is it can be pretty dangerous when it’s bad. I imagine most of us have forgotten if we’ve taken medication or maybe taken too many tablets. After a rather sleepless night stressing that I’d taken one extra dose of paracetamol I realised I needed to keep some kind of record. But after to signing up to several online doctors and googling until I could Google no more they said I’d probably be fine (not an excuse to do it by the way no matter how much you’re hurting – that was strongly put across in all the information I read.)

I now triple check everything I do when I’m feeling a bit thick. I use a diary, an app and tablet dispenser to ensure I don’t have another night of worrying about my medication madness. It hasn’t happened again so far and I’m hoping I have enough ways to keep me on track…having said that I might add a forth, just incase.

One thought on “Am I losing my head? Or should that be mind? πŸ€”

  1. My memory is dreadful, I invested in an Amazon Echo Dot & it’s brilliant to help me with reminders, appointments, lists etc 😊


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